1800fly1800 Celebrating Playboy Jazz Festival 2014 At Hollywood Bowl

Coming Soon Playboy Jazz Festival 2014 At Hollywood Bowl

comming soon Play boy Jazz Festival 2014 at Hollywood Bowl

This is an annual event which is being held in Los Angeles since 1979 at the Hollywood Bowl.  The event was held for the first time in Chicago in 1959.  It is organised by the Playboy Enterprises which features new as well as established music icons.  Like always this festival shall be held in the month of June on a Saturday and Sunday that is 14 and 15 of April from 3 am to 11 am at the Hollywood Bowl.  It is an example of good quality entertainment and Playboy has been striving to give the maximum to its fans.  The event shall mark the 36th anniversary of the Playboy Jazz Festival.  Numerous artists like Dianne Reeves, Jamie Cullum, Kenny Barron Trio, Tia Fuller, Fantasia, and many more are coming to give you the best performances of a life time.  Enjoy yourself by planning your time and clock with the calendar for the Playboy concert.  There will be the perfect ambiance created with the high tech beautiful shell of performances matched with the gat music by the solo artists and the bands.


This event has always been a treat for jazz and non jazz lovers both.  This event invites record number of fans to make the event a success.  Its tickets are available online on various rats depending upon the place of your seat.  You could easily buy them online through ticketmaster.com.

The Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl is an amphitheatre built in the 1920’s is located in the north of Hollywood Boulevard.  It gets its distinctive name because of its egg shell shaped construction.  This place has a long history of demolishing and reconstruction of its designed shells from acoustics point of view.  However in 2003 it as constructed keeping in view the previous designs and the most technologically advanced acoustics.  Many a great performances have been held here by well known artists and bands.  Behind the shell on can see the famous Hollywood hills and the famous Hollywood sign.  The highest number of fans made to this place is more than twenty six thousand.

Parking & Charges

Parking at the bowl can be a difficult task because it is very limited. The parking charges are $17 to $45.  General parking is available in lot A, B and C.  Lot B also has an electric cart available.  Arriving early at the bowl is an option to do away with the hassle.  The Bowl’s shuttle service also turns to provide you the service. A round trip costs $5 per person and its tickets are easily available online.  You may park your car in the neighborhood and take the shuttle for going and coming back from the concert.  The regular metro lines no.156 and 222 will be dropping you off at the Bowl.   (1800fly1800 ) are also available which let you be picked up and dropped only by a call away.  Motor bikes can also be parked in lots A and B with minimal charges of $8.


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