1800fly1800 GREAT BARRY GIBBS CONCERT At Hollywood Bowl


About Barry Gibbs

Barry Gibbs is the founding member of pop music group Bee Gees. It is one of the most successful group in the history of music industry. The group consists of the trio of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibbs. They have been a success throughout their music career which spreads over decades. However, their most successful period in music remained 1960s and 1970s. During this period they got famous both as Rock musicians and disco performers.

Barry Gibbs is not only a song writer and a musician but also an accomplished producer. Born in Isle of Man, he later lived in Manchester where he got himself attached to commercial music and formed his first music group named Rattlesnakes. Later this group was transformed into Bee Gees after the trio brothers shifted to Queensland, Australia. They moved back to England after they achieved worldwide recognition of their music and songs. Gibbs remained on Billboard Top 100 number ones for his song writing consecutively for many years. The Guinness Book of World Record named him as the second most successful song writer in the history of song writing.

Throughout his career in music which spreads over 50 years, his work is highly recognized all over the music industry. His name was inducted to the Songwriter Hall of Fame in 1994. He also received Brit award for his extra ordinary contribution to music. Further in recognition of his great work, he was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

In 1969, Gibbs left the group Bee Gees and decided to carry on with his music passion as solo artist. Later the group reunited and undergo many phases of splitting and working together as well on various occasions.

About the Venue

Hollywood Bowl is a famous amphitheatre located ideally in Hollywood area of Los Angeles. It host hundred of events every year from concerts to theatre dramas among others. Hollywood Bowl is well known for its shape of band shell. It is located along the Hollywood hills while the famous ‘Hollywood’ Sign can be seen to the Northeast of the venue.

Is has gone through many renovation phases over a period of time from 1922 (opening) till now which has substantially improved and increased the seating capacity, the sound system and the overall ambiance of this famous venue. With its vast space for accommodating big crowds, Hollywood Bowl can provide a seating to over 17,376 people at a time.

Tickets and Schedule

Purchase of the Tickets for Gibbs concert can conveniently be done through internet. Many ticketing websites are offering the concert tickets online through their web portals. The official website of Hollywood Bowl could also be browsed to see various tickets options depending on the preferences you have to book your seat in a particular area of concert venue.

Reaching Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl is located at 2301 North Highland Avenue Los Angeles. If you are using your own vehicle to reach the venue, the driving directions can be learned through google map. 1800fly1800 car service is another convenient way to reach the venue.


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