An Event at Zocalo to Discuss: Will Obama care Really Help L.A.’s Immigrants?


About the Event

The event is organized on Tuesday April 15, 2014 at 7:30 pm to discuss about the details and implications of The Affordable Care Act of Obama as it affect the Immigrants of Los Angeles and in general the health care services as a whole. This Act has been portrayed as to have a universal cover for health care but as a matter of fact it do not even cover the undocumented adult immigrants and they have been deprived of the benefits of this Act and in the same way the obligations. At the same time not only the undocumented immigrants but also many thousands of people who are living lawfully in the country would not be able to get cover under the Act. At the same time, the complications in this Act are more likely to affect the immigrant’s families in which the legal status of each member and the English Language skill differs. The discussion will cover how the immigrants whether they are documented or not can go through the bill which is famous for it’s difficult to understand complexities. It will also be discussed if the new clinics and further investment in health care which will take place as a result of provisions of this law will ultimately benefit the immigrants. Will the expansion of US citizen coverage and that of the Green Card holders will further isolate people who recently arrived US.

The Visitors

The health insurance study director at University of California, Los Angeles Centre for Health Policy Research, Shana Alex Lavarreda will be among the prominent speakers to discuss how immigrant’s communities in Los Angeles and throughout the California could cope with the new health care laws that are brought through this Act.

Miss Shana Alex has previously worked on numerous projects with respect to Health care which includes the Evaluation of 12 Months Continuous Eligibility in Medi-Cal Project, the California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP) and State of health insurance in California (SHIC). She is also an expert in analysis of health insurance data from California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) through which she gives comprehensive estimates on the health care services in the state. Her research particularly focuses on the discontinued heath insurance with respect to low income children and further its impact on access to health care.

Among other speakers will be CEO St. John’s Well Chid and Family Centre, Jim Mangia and health policy attorney at National Immigration Law Centre Gabrielle Lessard.

About the Venue

Situated at Goethe-Institute Los Angeles at 5750 Wilshire Boulevard, Zocalo Public Square is a place where people are connected to ideas and to each other for discussion on topics in an open, accessible and broad minded spirits.

How to Reach

If you are coming on your own car, you should enter on Wilshire at Courtyard Place, one block to the east of Curson.  Parking Fee is $1 while free street parking is available after 7 pm. You can also hire 1800fly1800 to reach the venue. If you opt to come on public transport, Metro is another option to reach Zocalo.