Best Outings for Kids in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is heaven on earth when it comes to entertainment, not only for adults but kids alike.  The entire city is well planned and offers numerous activities and places to keep its people and tourists well entertained.  When taking kids along it is always good to plan your trip well before hand.  Check the weather forecast online before heading out as the weather is unpredictable at times.  One can expect sudden burst of showers at times.  Also the temperature at one place varies from the other to an amazing degree.  Secondly make a list and sequence to make the most of your trip for maximum enjoyment.  Thirdly go by your car, and if you do not have one get a rental car or lax car services( to enjoy a carefree trip with your children.  You do not want to count heads everywhere you go.  Here you shall find a list of place to see.


The Dinosaur Experience

Kids will be amazed to see the complete dinosaur fossil structures standing tall at the National History Museum.  The tyrannosaurus fossils are thrilling to watch.  The green gardens around the museum are educating as well as enjoyable.  Visit the edible gardens for a closer look into the natural habitat of some of the animal’s part of the local wildlife. Nature Lab and Butterfly Pavilion are also of great interest and let you become a scientist as you explore different insect species.


Thrill and Action

Plan your trip to the Universal Studios or the Five Magic Mountains for spectacular fun with water rides, horror as well as adventure rides.


Acquaint with the Sea Animals

The water life with all the creatures in the special lights makes a great place for the entire family to remember a lifetime at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. There are certain spots where you might even touch the animals in water.  These are a source of great sensory education for kids for all ages.  One can see the angle fish, sharks, sea horses, jelly fish and so much more.


Create an Artist

Children always love getting creative.  Apart from the regular display of exhibits, the Getty Museum has so much more to offer to make your family time a fun time.  There is a special family lounge, the sculptor room, the mirror room where kids make funny faces and create masks and pieces of art.


Fun at the Beach

Beaches are always welcoming children for all the fun in the world be it
and sports like the paragliding, water skiing or water surfing.  You might even come across separate enclosure of play for little children.  Often there are swings in a specific area on the beach.Fun at the Beach

Infest the Creativity

In Pasadena you will come across this amazing place known as the Kid’s Space Children’s Museum.  Here one finds many interactive activities for children for all ages.  A learning environment has been created by providing facilities like a sustainable garden, an amphitheater, tracks, labs and much more to infest creativity, experimentation and innovation among children.



About Lila Downs

Downs is a well-known Mexican American Singer and songwriter. In addition to her passion and work for music Downs is also an accomplished actress. She not only sings pop music and Mexican traditional music but also performs in many indigenous languages including Mayan, Zapotec and Nahuatl among others. She got herself into his music career soon after attending University of Minnesota for a brief period and earlier studying at Institute of Arts by Oaxaca.



Downs released her first album in 1994 titled ‘Ofrenda’. The response to her first album was moderate and she kept on working on her compositions and singing till the time she released her debut studio album ‘La Sandunga’ in 1999. The release of this album brought her to the limelight by giving her much needed commercial success. In early 2000, she rocked the music scene with her album ‘Border’ which gained worldwide recognition and popularity in year 2001. Downs seventh album Pecados Y Milagros, topped many world rating indexes and was proved to be one of the most successful album for Lila.

Lila started performing traditional & Latin American music since her school days and her contribution towards preserving the indigenous Mixtec language and many other indigenous languages is well known and recognized. Lila’ contribution to the traditional music as well as other genres has so far won her one Grammy Award and two Latin Grammy Awards.

About the Venue – Greek Theatre

Greek theater is located in Griffith Park Los Angeles, California. It is a 5,870 seat amphitheater built in 1929. Currently it is being managed and operated by Nederlander Organization while it is fully owned by city of Los Angeles. Designer Samuel Tildon Norton designed this theater having its stage built in the form of a Greek Temple.

In Its early days this theater had rarely been used, even in World War II it also served as a Barrack for the soldiers. Later it had been managed and leased to different people and organizations over a period of time. However, since the Nederlander Organization took its charge back in year 1975, the theater has been a continuous attraction for events including Stage Shows, Live Music and Graduation Ceremonies.

Schedule & Ticketing

Lila’ concert is due to be held on Friday August 22, 2014 at 07:30 pm. Tickets are available at Box Office from 12:00 pm to 06:00 pm during Monday to Friday and between 10:00 am to 04:00 pm on Saturdays. Ticketmaster outlets are also selling the tickets for this concert. The same could also be purchased online from Ticketmaster website ‘’.

Reaching Greek Theater

Greek theatre is located at Griffith Park 2700 North Vermont, Los Angeles. You may easily get driving and parking details on Theater’ website. If you are planning your visit avoiding driving and traffic hassle, you may go for hiring 1800fly1800 which is an economical and convenient option. Further, you may also opt to travel on public transportation to reach the theater.


The founder of Motown vocal group ‘The Miracle’, Robinson is an American pop singer, song-writer and had also been a record executive. He was also the groups’ procurer and chief songwriter. From 1955 to 1972 the group was led by him until he announced that he is retiring for turning his focus to his work at Motown. However, in the following year Robinson returned to music industry and he released his songs which earned him Top 10 solo hits ranking for ‘Just To See Her’, ‘Cruisin’ and ‘Being with You’.
In 1973, Robinson made a successful comeback through his album ‘Smoky’. In 1974, he released his second album ‘Pure Smokey’ which, however, could not bring any hits for Smokey. Robinson kept on struggling in order to compete his previous collaborators whose albums brought many hits in the same period. In the following year in 1975, Robinson came up with his third album ‘A Quite Storm’, which as the name suggest really brought a lot of success for him with it’ number one R&B hits ‘Baby That’s Backatcha’ and ‘Quite Storm’.
‘Being with You’, his 1981 sensual ballad charted him again to the top which was a number one hit for Smoky in Cash Box and the Billboard Top 100 ranked it on number two. In United Kingdom as well it topped to hit number one, making this single the most successful one in his entire career till now.
About the Venue – Greek Theater
Greek Theater is located in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California. It is a 5,870 seat theater which is famous for organizing music events, cultural gatherings and educational institution’ ceremonies. Greek theater is owned by the city of Los Angeles and managed and operated by Nedelander Organization.

The theater’ stage is made in the shape of a Greek Temple while the theater was designed by a famous architect Samuel Tildon Norton. In early days of its inception the theater was rarely used and it served even as a Barrack during World War II. However, it was later taken care of by many different people and organization by renovating it over a period of time. In 1975 till now it has been managed by Nederlander organization and events are regularly organized on this attractive location to keep it to its original glory.
Schedule and Ticketing
Smoky’ concerts is scheduled for Saturday August 16, 2014 at 08:00 pm. Tickets are available at Box Office during weekdays Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm t 06:00 pm. On Saturdays Box Office sells tickets between 10:00 am to 04:00 pm. Tickets are also available at Ticketmasters outlets for which you may google the one nearest to your location. Further, tickets are also available at ‘ticketmaster‘.

Reaching Greek Theater
Greek theater is located at 2700 North Vermont, Los Angeles. The theatre’ website gives detailed directions for driving to the theater and also for finding the nearest parking options. If you are planning to avoid driving and enjoy your journey to its fullest, you may also hire Lax Car Service (1800fly1800) for economical and convenient approach to the venue.


About Janelle Monae


Monae is an American soul musician, R&B and record producer born in Kansas City, Kansas in 1985. She released her first Extended Play ‘Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase)’ which was rated 115 on the Billboard 200 in United States. She is signed to Bad Boys Records and Atlantic Records. With Bad Boy Records Monae released her first studio album ‘The Arch Android’ in 2010.

‘The Arch Android’ was a concept album which was a sequence to her first Extended Play. The album received very positive comments from critics and they applauded her work. The same album was nominated for 53rd Grammy Awards while at the same time one if its song ‘Tightrope’ was nominated for the Best Urban/Alternative Performance. ‘The Arch Android’ was rated 17 on the Billboard chart and proved to be very commercially successful album for Monae.

Her guest appearance on the song ‘We Are Young’ of the band Fun won her ranking at number 01 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. This was the first of her appearance in US Top 10 which brought to her a lot of fame and appreciation from music fans throughout the world. Her second album ‘The Electric Lady’ was released in 2013 and it was also acclaimed by critics of the field.

Her first single ‘Q.U.E.E.N.’ from her popular hits album ‘The Electric Lady’ was made available for purchase at the iTunes store online in April 2013. This song secured 31,000 in terms of digital sales and gained 04 million YouTube views only within first week of its release. Monae performed along with Chic in London on the event of iTunes Festival in September 2013 and later performed with Stevie Wonder at Global Citizen Festival in Central Park.

The Venue – Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl is a well known amphitheater built in 1920. It is located in Hollywood Area of Los Angeles, California. The venue is extensively used for hosting music performances and cultural events. It is the home of Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and fully owned by the County of Los Angeles. Over a period of time, Hollywood Bowl has gone through many major renovation phases which was focused to keep the venue well maintained and also updating its gadgets as per the latest technology available. It has a huge capacity to accommodate big crowds during events organizes there and has a total seating capacity of 11,376.

Schedule and Ticketing

Janelle Monae’ concert is scheduled at Hollywood Bowl on Sunday June 22, 2014 at 07:00 pm. Tickets are available at the official website of Hollywood Bowl. Further, tickets can also be purchased through other online ticketing portals on the internet. If you are planning to schedule your visit to attend this wonderful event, you should move on fast to book your seats well before the concert date.

Reaching Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl is located at 2301 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles. Driving directions are available at Bowl’ website. If you want to avoid driving yourself to the venue, hire 1800fly1800 is a good option in Los Angeles to go for.

1800fly1800 GREAT BARRY GIBBS CONCERT At Hollywood Bowl


About Barry Gibbs

Barry Gibbs is the founding member of pop music group Bee Gees. It is one of the most successful group in the history of music industry. The group consists of the trio of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibbs. They have been a success throughout their music career which spreads over decades. However, their most successful period in music remained 1960s and 1970s. During this period they got famous both as Rock musicians and disco performers.

Barry Gibbs is not only a song writer and a musician but also an accomplished producer. Born in Isle of Man, he later lived in Manchester where he got himself attached to commercial music and formed his first music group named Rattlesnakes. Later this group was transformed into Bee Gees after the trio brothers shifted to Queensland, Australia. They moved back to England after they achieved worldwide recognition of their music and songs. Gibbs remained on Billboard Top 100 number ones for his song writing consecutively for many years. The Guinness Book of World Record named him as the second most successful song writer in the history of song writing.

Throughout his career in music which spreads over 50 years, his work is highly recognized all over the music industry. His name was inducted to the Songwriter Hall of Fame in 1994. He also received Brit award for his extra ordinary contribution to music. Further in recognition of his great work, he was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

In 1969, Gibbs left the group Bee Gees and decided to carry on with his music passion as solo artist. Later the group reunited and undergo many phases of splitting and working together as well on various occasions.

About the Venue

Hollywood Bowl is a famous amphitheatre located ideally in Hollywood area of Los Angeles. It host hundred of events every year from concerts to theatre dramas among others. Hollywood Bowl is well known for its shape of band shell. It is located along the Hollywood hills while the famous ‘Hollywood’ Sign can be seen to the Northeast of the venue.

Is has gone through many renovation phases over a period of time from 1922 (opening) till now which has substantially improved and increased the seating capacity, the sound system and the overall ambiance of this famous venue. With its vast space for accommodating big crowds, Hollywood Bowl can provide a seating to over 17,376 people at a time.

Tickets and Schedule

Purchase of the Tickets for Gibbs concert can conveniently be done through internet. Many ticketing websites are offering the concert tickets online through their web portals. The official website of Hollywood Bowl could also be browsed to see various tickets options depending on the preferences you have to book your seat in a particular area of concert venue.

Reaching Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl is located at 2301 North Highland Avenue Los Angeles. If you are using your own vehicle to reach the venue, the driving directions can be learned through google map. 1800fly1800 car service is another convenient way to reach the venue.

Herbie Hancock Concert at Hollywood Bowl August 06, 2014 at 08:00 pm


About Herbie Hancook

Hancock is an American Pianist, composer and bandleader while at the same time an accomplished keyboardist. Born on April 12, 1940, Hancock ‘ work in music elaborated the role of Jazz rhythm section and provided the basic architecture for post-bop sound. His most famous solo works are ‘Cantaloupe Island’, ‘Chameleon’, ‘Maiden Voyage’ and ‘Watermelon Man’. His 2007′ tribute album ‘River: The Joni Letters’ won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2008. This was the second  jazz album ever win this award after Getz/Gilberto.

Hancock was selected as UESCO Goodwill Ambassador  for promotion of intercultural Dialogue in 2011. He practices Buddhism and is a member of Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist Association. As a part of his religious practice, he recites Nam Rengo Kyo (the Buddhist Chant) everyday.

He joined as a professor in the faculty of Department of Music in University of California Los Angeles in 2013 where he teaches Jazz Music. He is also named Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard University in 2014. Under this title, a person will be giving a series of six lectures on poetry by elaborating it in the broadest sense through poetic expressions.

Hancock started learning classical music at a very early age. At the age of 11, he played at young people’ concert (1952) where his work was initially recognized. On the first time when he heard Chris Anderson playing, he requested Chris to let him learn from him as a student. He recognizes Chris as his Harmonic guru. After he left Grinnell College, Hancock moved to Chicago and worked with Donald Byrd and Colman Hawkins. During the same period he started taking courses at Roosevelt University. Later, he did his graduation in Electrical Engineering and Music from Grinnell.

Concert Venue

Hollywood Bowl is located in Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California. It was built in 1929 and is famous for its band shell shape to allow the audience to listen to the best of sound quality while attending a concert or a theater show. It hosts hundreds of events every year and is considered to be one of the most attractive site for organizing musical shows and theater programs. With 17,376 seating space available, this amphitheater is capable of managing a huge crowd at all it’ events.

Ticketing and Schedule

Herbie Hancock concert at Hollywood Bowl is organized for Wednesday August 06, 2014 at 08:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased from official website of Hollywood Bowl.

Reaching the venue

Hollywood Bowl is located at 2301 North Highland Avenue, Loss Angeles. If you are coming to the venue on your own car, ample parking space is available for you to park and attend the event. Bowl Shuttles are also operated between the venue and shuttle lots. For locating the shuttle lot that suits you the best to reach the destination, you may refer to the official website of Hollywood Bowl. Metro train also operates at nearby stations and you may reach the venue conveniently through choosing your boarding and departing platforms from Metro website. For easy and convenient access to Hollywood Bowl, 1800fly1800 Town Car Service can also be hired. 

Billy Joel’ Concert 2014 In Hollywood Bowl 2301 N Highland Avenue, Los Angeles



About Billy Joel

William Martin Billy Joel is the sixth best selling recording artist in United States and also ranked as the third best selling solo performer. He is a pianist, songwriter and composer as well. Since the release of his first hit song ‘Piano Man’ in 1973, he has become a music icon in United States. The ‘Greater Hits’, his compilation album is the third best-selling album in United States by number of discs shipped. In 1992, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, in 1999 Rock & Roll Hall of fame and in 2006 inducted into Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

He received Johnny Mercer Award in 2001 from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Joe received the Kennedy Center of Honors in 2013 which is the greatest national award for influencing American Culture through arts. After 1993, he stopped writing or releasing Pop/Rock material except for his two songs ‘All my Life’ and ‘Christmas in Fallujah’.

Joel inspiration was The Beetles, after watching them on The Ed Sullivan Show. He decided to pursue his career in music then. He attributed this event as the life changer while he had no plan earlier to play rock as a career. Joel constituted a musical group Echoes and left high school after the group got famous in New York. Joel also played piano on several records while working with Kama Sutra Productions and Shadow Morton. Echoes changed their name first to Emeralds and then to Lost Souls in 1965. However, in 1967 Joel left the band and joined another group Hassles, which had signed with United Artist Records.

Joel contracted with a record company name family Productions and recorded his first solo album ‘Cold Spring Harbour’, releasing it in 1971. Two of his popular songs ‘She’s Got A Way’ and ‘Everybody Loves You Now’ which were a part of his album ‘Cold Spring Harbour’ went quite unnoticed till the time they were released as live performances on ‘Songs in the Attic’ in 1981. In 1984, a remastered version of his album ‘ Cold Spring Harbour’ was released by Columbia which was ranked as 158th in United States and 95th in United Kingdom. Joel performed locally in New York in the fall of 1971 and moved to Los Angeles in 1972.

In 1973, he released his first album with Columbia the ‘Piano Man’, the title track of which became his signature song. Joel released in second album ‘Streetlife Serenade’ in Los Angeles. His album ‘The Stranger’ won Grammy Award for Record of the Year and his song ‘Just The Way You Are’ as the Song of the Year.

About the Event and venue

The concert of Billy Joel is organized in Hollywood Bowl 2301 N Highland Avenue, Los Angeles on Saturday May 17 at 8:00 pm. To reach the venue, you can use the Bowl Shuttle service, if you drive and park close to the bowl shuttle lots. You can also hire Affordable LAX Town Car Service , if you want to reach Hollywood Bowl conveniently and on time.