Gloria Estefan is among the top 100 best selling music artists, with over hundred million records sold worldwide. Born in Cuba, her family moved and settled later in Miami, Florida. She married Emilio Estefan, who was the band leader of Miami Sound Machine. Together they recorded and released a number of albums which were mostly very well appreciated by the music lovers throughout the world. They started in 1977 and released their first album Live Again/Renacer. Initially the band released their albums on Audiofon Records Label in Miami. Afterwards, they started releasing their albums and 45s on Sound Machine own Label MSM. In 1978 they released ‘ Miami Sound Machine’ as their first self titled album in their own label.

gloria estefan

gloria estefan

The popularity of the band went on and on with each of their work released and their commercial rating in United States and throughout the world started reaching to its top. In 1984, they released their album ‘Eyes of Innocence’ which contained one of their best dance hit ever ‘Dr. Beat’. Later in 1985, their follow -up Album was released which reached to the Top 10 Hits on Billboard Hot 100.

The band’ 1987 release ‘Let it Loose’ became so popular that 03 million of its copies were sold only in United States. After 1989, Estefan started performing solo and she made her way among the best selling music artist in couple of years. In 1989, she released her album ‘ Cuts Both Ways’, which is her bestselling album till date. The release of her album ‘Into the Light’ in 1991, touches the top of music charts. She performed her all time hit song ‘Coming Out of the Dark’ for the first time in American Music Awards and received standing ovation from the crowd. Later, this song reached on #1 in US as a single.

Concert Schedule and Venue

Gloria Estefan is performing in Hollywood Bowl on Thursday July 26, 2014 at 8:00 pm. Hollywood Bowl is located in Hollywood area of Los Angeles. With its seating capacity of 17,376, the venue is one of the most wanted places for organizing mega music events. Over a passage of time since 1922, the theater has gone through many major renovation phases which has not only increased the seating capacity but have also improved other aspects of the theater like sound system, ambiance and overall architecture.

It is ideally located with Hollywood Hills at its back and the famous sign of Hollywood to the Northeast of the Bowl. The venue is owned and maintained by County of Los Angeles and hosts hundreds of music event, concerts and other cultural events every year.

To Reach the Venue

Holly Bowl is located at 2301 North Highland Avenue, north of Hollywood subway station and Hollywood Boulevard. If you are coming to the venue on your own car, you would have an option to park at Lot A (the main Bowl Parking Lot), Lot B (the Odin parking Lot) or Lot C (North Fair field Parking Lot) depending on space availability. You may also opt to hire 1800fly1800 to avoid traffic hassle and parking issues.